Cat’s Track #99 – Jane Bisbee

 In Cat's Track

Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 99, with guest Jane Bisbee.

Jane Bisbee is the Executive Director of the Social Enterprise Fund, one of Canada’s more active impact investment funds with more than $60M placed since 2008.

A special focus of her career has been the creation of non-traditional funding mechanisms for small business, in particular the cultural industries, through work with the Association of Canadian Publishers, the Literary Press Group, the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association, and the Province of Alberta. She is past president of the Edmonton International Film Festival and has served on many boards including the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, the Canada Give the Gift of Literacy Foundation and the Alberta Foundation for the Literary Arts. She was presented with a lifetime achievement award in 2006 by Alberta’s film industry, and is a fellow of the BALLE/RSF Financial Community Foundation Circle.

When she has spare time, Jane is a bookbinder, paper maker, a spinner, weaver and historic reenactor.