Cat’s Track #91 – Karen Judge

 In Cat's Track

Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 91, with guest Karen Judge.

When you ask people what they want out of life often you’ll hear, “To be happy.’ In fact, happiness is known to be the oldest pursuit of man. Yet one just has to look at the statistics surrounding mental health to realize that many people are far from happy.

Today’s guest, Karen Judge, author, speaker, and mind wellness educator is on a mission to move the needle on mental health through proactive wellness. As a serial entrepreneur, Karen’s latest mission is combining her years of research, experience, and knowledge to build what she is referring to as the world’s largest platform for proactive mind health and the science of happiness.

Karen is about to launch The Happiness Experience Centre where people will find experiences, education, products and services that connect to brain/mind health and happiness. Karen believes that the hope for change surrounding mental health is to teach people how to master skills and build tools in a time of inspiration versus a time of suffering. Karen works to ignite people to develop a healthy brain, a happy mind, and show up for life with positive energy, hope, and fulfillment.