Cat’s Track #85 – Vanisha Breault

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 85, with guest Vanisha Breault.

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It takes gusto to live your recovery out loud, but that is how Vanisha Breault has pledged to live her life—every day. Recognizing her community as a chance to impact change on a local and national level, she is a crusader for social justice. Vanisha’s personal story of addiction is the motivating force behind her dream of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues—a goal that couldn’t be timelier.

Vanisha is the Founder of the Terminator Foundation, a nonprofit organization helping youth overcome addiction. Its motto The Truth is You Can Recover drives the mission to revolutionize lives through the sport of triathlon. Offering one-on-one coaching, training, support, mindfulness practices and a guaranteed non-judgmental atmosphere, the Foundation hosts an annual conference and several fundraisers to help support individuals and families impacted by addiction.

Amid everything that 2020 has served up, Vanisha has launched the Ordinary Courage podcast. Aimed to explore real stories surrounding issues of addiction, mental health and abuse, it’s pushing the boundaries of vulnerability, introspection and everyday courage, and ultimately shifting the paradigm of judgment towards one of compassion.

Vanisha is a strong and bright motivational speaker available for events of all sizes and groups that could benefit from a change in perspective or a reminder that each individual journey is beautiful and worthy.

Her story is one of perseverance and humility, and in many ways, deeply relatable to anyone who has ever struggled with trauma, shame or self-doubt. Vanisha is a Christ Follower, loving mom of 4, MaG to 5 grandbabies, sister, daughter and friend. Her dedication to changing the lives of those who struggle with addiction is profoundly motivated by her inner circle, knowing from lived experience that the effects of mental health issues go far beyond the individual.