Cat’s Track #73 – Phil Alle

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 73, with guest Phil Alle.

Check out Teser Technologies:

Phil Alle is the President and CEO of Reggin Industries and Teser Technologies. Starting off his professional career on the project management team at Reggin Industries, Phil has successfully executed significant fabrication projects all across western Canada. His extensive resume attests to his proven expertise in construction management, strategic planning, financial and his business acumen.

Reggin maintains a strong reputation within healthcare construction through projects in hospitals and laboratories across Canada. Phil recognized an immediate call to action due to the COVID-19 outbreak and discovered a way to contribute his team’s skills during the pandemic leading to the creation of Teser Technologies Inc.

Phil’s prior experience as a project manager and President of Reggin, along with his present role as CEO at Teser Technologies, gives him the knowledge and confidence to navigate difficulties encountered during a project’s lifecycle from the preliminary stage to finished product.