Cat’s Track #72 – Joni Avram

 In Cat's Track

Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 72, with guest Joni Avram.

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Joni Avram is an experienced leader of large-scale public engagement campaigns that have spanned political, non-profit, and business sectors.A lawyer by training, Joni is committed to life long learning and has recently completed a Masters in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics. She is also a sessional lecturer in marketing and consumer behaviour at Ambrose University. Joni has been internationally recognized for superior achievement in her field, and has provided professional development training to communicators, social advocates, and educators across North America.She has recently launched a professional development initiative for communicators, advocates, and educators – teaching them how to use behavioural science to create large scale social change. Her big result would be a shift away from ‘awareness-raising’ toward measurable impact outcomes such as positive, sustainable changes in individual behaviour and organizational culture.

Connect with her on LinkedIn @joniavram or through her website