Cat’s Track #61 – Jennifer Rallison

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 61, with guest Jennifer Rallison.

Infused Amphora:

Jennifer Rallison is the Vice President of Revenue and Growth for Infused Products International (IPI). A connector of people who thrives working in high paced environments, Jennifer has significant experience in business development, sales and marketing across a variety of industries, including authoring a Canadian best-selling cookbook. During her career she has worked in the non-profit sector, energy services, architecture and most recently in cannabis.

With markets opening around the world to CBD (…) and to cannabis products, Jennifer leveraged her experience to launch a CBD wellness brand – Infused Amphora ( – into the United Kingdom. Amphora products source the highest-quality CBD distillate, and are formulated with tailored terpene blends designed to deliver specific experiences such as: athletic recovery, sleep, inspiration, and tranquility. With Jennifer’s leadership and an expert-led team, Amphora is set to grow from six products to 24 by Q1, 2021

About Infused Amphora: Amphora were used as a container in antiquity for the storage and transportation of precious tradable goods shipped throughout the ancient world. Our affordable CBD effects based products bring together the richness of the past with modern quality assurance practices to enhance your health, wellness and help achieve personal lifestyle goals.