Cat’s Track #53 – David Gould

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 53, with guest David Gould.

For over 30 years David has assisted industry, business, and government organizations to effectively address hundreds of conflicts. He is one of Canada’s most experienced mediators and an industry leader in the design of conflict prevention and management systems.

David combines an extensive legal background with proven mediation capabilities and system design experience. With this unique skillset he’s ready to help you get ahead and stay ahead of conflict.

David Gould Mediation

Today David focus on empowering his clients to get ahead and stay ahead of conflict before time money and energy are lost and relationships are broken by supporting them with:

  • Conflict Management Coaching.
  • Custom Designed Dispute Resolution Services.
  • Neutral 3rd Party Mediation and Facilitation.
  • Workshops and Training Programs.