Cat’s Track #5 – Tyler Chisholm

 In Cat's Track

Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 5, with guest Tyler Chisholm.

From his days growing up in southern Quebec to his adventures as a pilot at the ripe old age of 26, Tyler’s curiosity and resourcefulness have driven him to search out an eclectic list of life experiences.

Tyler’s pursuit of his career in aviation led him to Calgary in 2000 where he found endless opportunity, none of which was a job in aviation. His passion for business led him to develop his own online health and fitness software program, (back before you could download it for free on your phone) as well as a full-service active weight loss & personal training centre. This was to be the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

After exiting the fitness business Tyler took his new-found love of marketing and co-founded clearmotive marketing in 2007.  As host of two podcasts, They Just Get It and Collisions YYC, Tyler brings a voice to advocates, challengers and thought leaders to inspire lively dialogue and bold actions towards creating a better Calgary. A strong advocate for helping those less fortunate, he also established Red Express in 2010, a project that puts Christmas toys in the hands of kids in need. In 2012, Tyler was recognized as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40.