Cat’s Track #41 – Kelsey Hahn

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 41, with guest Kelsey Hahn.

Kelsey Hahn is the Managing Director at Viewpoint Research (VR), an evidence-based research centre dedicated to evolving society’s knowledge about business leadership and advanced organizational practices. Key activities at VR include providing thought leadership on various organizational topics; conducting and curating applied organizational behaviour and business research; and offering customized strategic solutions and assessments in strategy, governance, and leadership. In addition to her oversight of the team and the centre’s activities, Kelsey specializes in strategic facilitation and client management, with published work and expertise in high-performance leadership, organizational development, and strategy. Within the larger Viewpoint Group family office, Kelsey works closely with Mac Van Wielingen in various capacities, and is primarily responsible for managing the Foundation’s commitment to educating the public about ethical leadership, largely through its major endowment to the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership at the Haskayne School of Business.

Prior to settling in Calgary, she obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan while completing her athletic eligibility with the CIS Women’s Hockey team. Kelsey also obtained a Masters of Science in Management, Organization Behavior under the supervision of Dr. Julian Barling from Queen’s University.

With a background in hockey, Kelsey’s business interests have always been fueled by her learnings and fascination in sport, particularly the parallels between the two. She has an innate interest in how organizations can leverage fundamentals critical to athletic performance; such as the tight feedback loops; the coordination and vulnerability of great teams; and the incredible learning velocity and mindset of top performers. Kelsey’s lifelong passion for hockey has also influenced community interests related to youth sport, including volunteering as a coach for over ten years.

Kelsey and her husband Chris are proud Saskatchewan natives, and with their daughter, enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, fishing, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.