Cat’s Track #33 – Russ Sheppard

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 33, with guest Russ Sheppard.

Russ is currently a lawyer living in beautiful Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada. Previous to law Russ was a Teacher/Administrator and Dean of Students in both the Public and Private School Systems for 12 years spanning 5 provinces and territories.

Russ was one of the founders of the internationally recognized Kugluktuk Grizzlies youth program that is featured in the Hollywood Movie The Grizzlies. The movie focuses on his effect on his students and his students effect on him. Before the major Cineplex-Odeon release, The Grizzlies premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018 and has since earned several accolades including being described as “transcendently moving…” by the Hollywood Reporter.

Russ has won numerous awards including an Excellence in Teaching Award, Business Development Bank of Canada Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Contributor of the Year, Coach of the Year and was a recipient of the Canadian Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. Russ has presented as a keynote speaker to various national and international organizations including the Government of Canada, various Chamber of Commerce groups, Government of Manitoba, US Lacrosse, Canada Lacrosse, Ontario Lacrosse and many more.

Russ has coached Lacrosse as an amateur and professional for over 20 years and is currently the chair of British Columbia Lacrosse Coaches Association. Russ moved to Cranbrook, BC in 2012 where he runs his own law firm under Spruce Legal. He loves to spend his free time with his two children and maintains a close relationship with the hundreds of former youth that he taught and coached.