Cat’s Track 210 – Megan Davidson

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 210, with guest Megan Davidson.

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In this episode of Cat’s Track, Megan talks about her background, education, and passion for criminal justice research. She shares her plans for pursuing a Master’s degree in criminological research, and her future goal of obtaining a PhD and coming back to Canada to teach and conduct research. Megan also talks about her funding needs for her studies and how people can support her through her Fund My Travel. Lastly, she expresses her desire for contacts and recommendations to make her move to the UK easier.

Megan Davidson Bio: Megan (she/her) is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in a variety of fields. As the Interim Lead for the Centre for Social Impact Technology, Megan draws on her diverse background in the hospitality industry and data management, as well as her academic background in criminal justice and situational crime prevention to address complex problems using systems thinking and multidisciplinary approaches. Megan is a fellow of the RSA, and her expertise in public interest technology has led to her being quoted in reports on the subject. She has also published research in the areas of cult practices in social media and asymmetrical Indigenous parole conditions. Through her Catamount Fellowship, Megan explored “how might we create space for grassroots, community-led approaches in Calgary’s larger systems of care?” Her honour’s thesis has focused on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and its theoretical application to Canadian correctional environments to reduce aggressive behaviour by adapting the built environment to aid in the successful completion of rehabilitation programming and further reintegration into society.

Megan holds a BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice from Mount Royal University with a Grade Point Average of 3.98/4.0 scale, and has been on the Dean’s and President’s lists from Fall 2019 to Winter 2023. She earned several achievements during her degree, including the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal for the Faculty of Arts, Excellence Award – Bronze from the Student Association of Mount Royal University, Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership, Top 30 Under 30 award, Catamount Fellowship, Jason Lang Scholarship, Faculty of Arts Achievement Award, International Golden Key Chapter Award, and Persons Case Scholarship. Megan is actively involved in the community, primarily working on homelessness and helping those most vulnerable. In 2009, she received the Volunteer Calgary’s Youth Leaders Award for her work with the Mustard Seed and other homeless agencies. Megan is also highly skilled in administrative work, having obtained an Extension Certificate in Administrative Assistant from Mount Royal University. Additionally, she has a Diploma (with Honours) in Baking Pastry Arts from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and her Red Seal in Baking, which reflects her passion for culinary arts.

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