Cat’s Track 209 – Laura Darrell

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 209, with guest Laura Darrell.

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In this episode of Cat’s Track, Laura shares her story of moving from Canada to Mexico with her husband. She talks about how they decided to retire and move to Mexico City after COVID-19 grounded them both in Calgary. Laura dispels some myths about safety, healthcare, and the cost of living in Mexico, sharing her positive experiences with these aspects of living in the country. She also discusses how easy it is to buy real estate in Mexico as a foreigner. Overall, Laura’s journey shows that moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure full of new opportunities and experiences. #AdventurousRetirement #CanadaToMexico #LivingInMexico #AffordableLiving #MexicanCulture #HealthcareInMexico #SafeInMexico

Check out her story and more in the video!