Cat’s Track 208 – John MacInnes

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 208, with guest John MacInnes.

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Tune in for the latest episode of #catstracks in where I chat with John MacInnes! John has such an interesting and amazing entrepreneur spirit, I encourage you to take a moment to listen to his story.

As a native #calgarian, John is lucky to be married to his wife – Dawn for 19 years, and together they have an amazing 17 year old son – Bayne. Besides his loved ones, John has a love for hiking and skiing in the surrounding mountains!

John received his early education at Strathcona Tweedsmuir School in Calgary and then Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario. He later studied Economics at Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec. John financed his university education by founding, and operating two successful companies.

In 2008, John was accepted into the distinguished Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Entrepreneurial Masters program. This three year program helped John to see his business differently
and encouraged him to do much more.

In November 2021 John launched his newest venture, Earthware, which is a reusable container service for restaurant takeout and delivery. The goal of Earthware is to stop one million single use containers from going into our landfills by 2025.

John’s mission is to be involved in the creation of one million jobs. He believes his passion for and experience in entrepreneurship gives him the unique skills to influence other business owners to create new jobs. Since 2012 John has advised dozens of companies via very structured engagements built to make sure these companies are growing and creating new jobs. John will also continue to start and build his own businesses.

Check out his story and more in the video!