Cat’s Track 205 – Aleta Brooke

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 205, with guest Aleta Brooke.

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Aleta was born and raised in small town northern Saskatchewan and feels fortunate to have had the opportunities to live and/or work in various cities in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. Aleta has unique experiences including operating in the challenging and unforgiving environment of the Canadian High Arctic to early stages of a private global nuclear waste company. She spent significant time working in the high arctic with a focus on bridging the gap between industry and communities/indigenous groups in human resources, community/stakeholder engagement and operations including executive leadership.

Aleta has recently joined two active groups, Women + Renewables/Energy (including International chapters/events) and Women + Power and looks forward to continuing support in the industry. Aleta’s most recent role was impacted by covid and is currently interested in engaging in opportunities.

Check out her story and more in the video!