Cat’s Track #186 – Connie Jakab

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 186, with guest Connie Jakab.

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Connie Jakab is the Senior Manager of Wellness at Wellness Innovate. Starting her resilience career over 20 years ago with street gang youth in East Vancouver, Connie has dedicated her career to finding root causes of mental health and addiction. After working with youth for over two decades and seeing the increase in anxiety and depression, she moved to workplace mental health where the greatest impact could be made to create change. She looks at the solutions to mental health concerns through a sociological lense. She also started the Brave Parent Institute where she is helping families through mental health concerns. She is also the author of “Bring Them Closer – Calling parents to courage in the mental health crisis”. She is a sought after speaker for her authenticity and humor. She lives in Calgary with her husband and two boys.