Cat’s Track #184 – Joanna McLeod

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 184, with guest Joanna McLeod.

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I am 37 years old and was born and raised in Calgary AB and I currently live in Mayland Heights with my boyfriend Darren Hennessey. I attended King George Elementary School , Branton Junior High School and Aberhart High School.

After graduating in 2002 I was accepted into the Mount Royal College Broadcasting Program which was a two year diploma. After completing my broadcasting diploma I moved to Kaohsiung Taiwan to teach English for two years. Upon my return to Canada I attended the University of Calgary to obtain my Bachelors of Communication Degree.

While I was in school I worked for Earls doing various positions – server, bartender, bar leader, cash accountant, marketing coordinator and shift leader. After I graduated I began applying to WestJet as it was a company that I felt really aligned with. I was initially hoping to get into their marketing department but applied for many other positions. I was eventually hired to be a flight attendant. Initially I had only planned to be an FA for a year at which point I had hoped to move into their corporate offices. But I fell in love with being a flight attendant and kept my position. I am currently furloughed at WestJet Waiting to be called back to work due to the pandemic.

I have also been in charge of operations at 1886 Buffalo Cafe for the last 8 years. The cafe has been in my family for 40 years. Blaise Mcneil – the owner – is my step dad and he actually met my mom at the cafe when I was 6 years old. It has been near and dear to our hearts ever since. My parents both retired out to vancouver island 8 years ago and that is when I started to become very active with the cafes operations. We are now currently in a fight to save our livelihood and to have our story heard.