Cat’s Track #177 – Cory Bergh

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 177, with guest Cory Bergh.

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Cory Bergh was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and moved to Alberta in 2000. On a professional level, Cory is passionate about technology, learning about technology, and the science of organizational change. He is constantly reading books about new ideas and allowing them to change his perspective.

Cory was the VP Technology & Innovation at NAL Resources where he was the executive sponsor for their Efficiency Strategy and our Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy, where they implemented over 40 initiatives to change the company and their business model.

Personally, Cory enjoys road trips with his wife of 25 years and three children. There is nothing quite like hitting the road and experiencing so many different places you never would have visited otherwise, and experiencing people you would never have met.