Cat’s Track #140 – Heather McRae

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 140, with guest Heather McRae.

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Heather has been a community builder for decades. She has a track record of listening to stakeholders, uniting them for a common purpose and affecting change. She has produced city-defining sporting and cultural events; brought together diverse stakeholders and leaders to address important issues for our city’s youth; run political campaigns and helped to develop a sustainable vision for Calgary’s greenspaces.

She has worn a variety of hats: small business owner, parent, community volunteer and engaged citizen. She has sat at the table with city leaders and championed youth-led initiatives such as the Youth Summit on Mental Health. Heather spent a decade producing major events like the Downtown Santa Claus Parade, which attracted 100,000 people in its final year, the Calgary Marathon and Kensington Sun & Salsa. She has also served on committees such as the Prince’s Island Park Steering Committee, where she worked with a diverse network of community representatives to develop a shared vision for a park that was being loved to death.

In addition, Heather has led strategic communications projects within oil and gas companies such as Cenovus Energy and Encana, where she helped to define corporate culture and bridge divides between urban and rural offices.

The success for each of these initiatives is a testament to Heather’s capacity to foster two-way conversations and meaningful engagement, bridge divides, leverage the strength of community and deliver results.

Heather’s drive to serve on council comes from working in and with the community throughout her career. She brings open, two-way conversations and meaningful engagement together, with a track record of delivering results and building connections.

Heather will bring much-needed change to City Hall.

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