Cat’s Track #122 – Dwayne Matthews

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 122, with guest Dwayne Matthews.

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Dwayne Matthews is an innovation evangelist and “future of education” consultant. He converges and shares knowledge on the future of education, disruptive technology, and the evolution of work. Dwayne is the founder of TomorrowNow Learning Labs, which offers a future focused approach to personalized learning and assessment. Matthews is also an advisory board member for XPRIZE Connect, Future of Learning Lab, a new learning initiative that focuses on the democratization of access to learning through technology that empowers the next generation of innovators Dwayne is the former president of NeuroEdX, a company that uses neurotechnology to prepare students for the exponential growth of the 4th industrial revolution. Matthews also served as the Senior Education Lead for the Faubert Applied Research Centre. The Faubert Applied Research brings together researchers and experts in cognitive human performance from industry, government, and academia to bridge the gap between research and unmet real life applications. Matthews recently addressed the UN on issues and opportunities around digital literacy, cognitive abilities and the 54 countries of Africa.