Cat’s Track #12 – Dave Taylor

 In Cat's Track

Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 12, with guest Dave Taylor.

Dave’s experience in marketing and digital media spans 12 years. He first started in media working with the yellow pages group as a media account executive from 2008 to 2011 – he then took a role within the Sun Media organization as a media specialist and special projects representative. Dave was tasked with growing the digital sales side for both organizations, which he took to quite easily.

Dave works through the eyes of the business owner, is a creative thinker, and has been designing advertising and creative messaging in all previous roles. Working with clientele in all industries and often with a long list of over 500 clients annually, he has seen many organizations struggle to understand digital advertising and the impact it can have on the overall bottom line. Over the years, Dave noticed that business owners are being asked to invest in digital media without proper tracking or demographic profiling. After learning that there was more value he could provide his clients by buying media and tracking data through his own partnerships and platform, he expanded into his own agency, now representing organizations such as the Calgary Flames and all 4 major sports teams under CSEC as their lead agency. A true entrepreneur, Dave left Sun Media, and Incorporated IFM with close friend and business partner John McColman. After 2 years working countless hours waiting tables and building the foundation of In Front Marketing, Dave & John have now just crossed the infamous 5 years in business plateau and are seeing opportunities for growth coming in at all angles.

Community involvement, sponsorship and partnership is big for In Front Marketing. Dave was previously the Marketing director for the Calgary Sledge Hockey Organization, a volunteer role that quickly kept Dave busy. Dave thrived under this position, building a local partnership with Calgary Minor hockey, allowing all minor hockey teams in Calgary an opportunity to Try Sledge Hockey for a small investment to help the organization buy new equipment and cover ice times.

Dave is currently a member of the 100 Men Who Give Damn organization in Calgary, an active member of both the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the BBB of Southern Alberta and is always looking for an opportunity to support local not for profit organizations. You will recently find In Front Marketing as a sponsor of the Calgary Pride Organization, The Alberta Country Music Association & Mike Morrison’s Community efforts with Social At Home.