Cat’s Track #103 – Gair Maxwell

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Welcome to Cat’s Track Episode 103, with guest Gair Maxwell.

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Endlessly curious about the creation of legends and myths, Gair Maxwell is a global authority for helping organizations create iconic, “larger-thanlife” brands that attract legions of customers and top talent – without having to resort to using any “pushy” marketing tactics. The trickle-down impact on any company, community or career can be enormous. Some organizations have achieved 15-20X financial growth while becoming a much desired “Category of One”.

Gair’s riveting keynote presentations are packed with real-life stories and benefit from his many decades of in-the-trenches business experience. Scores of event planners rave about his innate gift for simplifying complex ideas into easily digestible bites that any audience can implement right away. Described as a “shock stick of energy”, Gair delivers electrifying, interactive keynotes and workshops that inspire everyday people to punch way above their weight class and build the kind of business and brand that has customers and top talent seeking them out.

Gair has worked with some of the world’s most dynamic organizations, including the Apple Specialist Marketing Group, Caterpillar, NAPA and Virginia Tech, while sharing conference stages with business icons such as Richard Branson and Gene Simmons. When all is said and done, Gair delivers approximately 80-90 presentations each year with global representation from speakers’ bureaus in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and Los Angeles. His many accomplishments include:

• Being awarded “Speaker of the Year” by TEC Canada in 2012.

• Upwards of 400 appearances with Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO Peer Advisory Group.

• Author of “NUTS, BOLTS AND A FEW LOOSE SCREWS”, available through

A former broadcaster, Gair racked up 10,000+ interviews and 30,000+ broadcasts in an awardwinning radio and television career in his native Canada. The son of a former pro golfer, Gair is a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, AC/DC, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. An avid military history buff, he also becomes a human marshmallow for his three grandchildren, two adorable cocker spaniels named Theodore and Sophie and a precious beagle-mix rescue who goes by the name of Maggie.