Career Seminars

A Game Changing Advantage


Learn tried and true methods of networking that will open the doors to business growth and future career success.

This seminar teaches people the basics of what to do in the current economic conditions and how to navigate around the rocky waters. Networking is critical and doing it right as a differentiator is key. Whether we are reinventing ourselves for a new market or we are able to leverage our current network to stay in the same industry … there are jobs and opportunities available.


Reaching your target involves a simple formula – whether it be increased sales in your business or connecting with the right people for your career. Start with the people who know and love you (we call them your “Love Army™”). It is important to realize that every person you meet along this route will be critical to your journey. Catherine Brownlee will share the method she has used to grow her Love Army™ and how it has helped her grow her businesses and sales results over the years.


Your personal pitch is an opportunity for you to express a quick summary of who you are to entice your listener to ask questions. Catherine Brownlee and Stan Peake will help you zero in on what is important for you to communicate in your pitch – one that will leave your listeners intrigued and wanting to learn more about you.

Clients Say

Eric Kahler

I recently attended a Career Transition Roundtable hosted by Catherine Brownlee and her team, including Carmen Goss. They are powerhouses, both individually and as a team. They provided information that was spot-on with the present economic situation in Canada. I highly recommend Catherine and her team to anyone who is transitioning or simply trying to advance their career. Between the three of them, they know all the major companies and most people in the C-suites in town, and will bend over backwards assisting with connections. It is a real pleasure working with CBI.
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Mark Taylor, P.Eng

Career Transition Roundtable

There is a quote from Confucius that is really applicable to the Career Transition Roundtable, “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.”

I had the honour of joining some fantastic people at a recent roundtable lead by Catherine, Carmen and Heather. It was an intense morning learning about the various skills sets to get my career to the level I want it at. Getting a better understanding how human resources reviews my resume, how to effectively network and ultimately challenging me to define what I want to do with my life (not just my career) were just some of the tools I got from the roundtable.

I am exceptionally thankful to Catherine, Carmen and Heather for the opportunity to attend the roundtable as well as being given the tools to excel in my future opportunities. It was definitely a great experience and I can say that I do know quite a bit more than I did before I walked in that morning.

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