Cat’s Tips to Get the Job of Your Dreams

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Cat’s Tips To Get The Job Of Your Dreams is written for you who want to learn how to create and execute a plan to attract the job of your dreams … in any industry … anywhere in the world. Co-authors, Catherine Brownlee, Liane Angerman and Karen Cottingham, have pulled the new and enhanced content together to ensure you have the tools to land the job of your dreams and reach your highest potential.

As our local and global economy grows and changes, so too must those in the workforce. Those on the job hunt, and even those well established in their careers, must be willing to rethink how they approach employers to ensure they stand out amongst the crowd.

For many years, Catherine Brownlee has been offering her sage advice and helpful feedback to those in the Calgary community and I am so pleased that Catherine, Liane Angerman and Karen Cottingham have put Cat’s tips and tricks on paper to be utilized by job seekers around the world.

As we know, the hardest job is often getting a job and Cat’s Tips to Get the Job of your Dreams offers practical advice that can be applied to any job in any industry. I congratulate Catherine, Liane and Karen for their hard work in putting this book together and I hope all those reading are able to add these tools to your arsenal in finding that dream job.

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